The document establishes the terms and conditions of use of the site / content / service by the customer, if there is no other valid agreement concluded between eFAIN ONLINE SRL, owner of the website www.funkyfain.ro. By using the site / content / service, the customer is solely responsible for all activities that result from using it. He is also responsible for any material or intellectual or any other material produced by the site / content / service, eFAIN ONLINE SRL or any third party with whom eFAIN ONLINE SRL has concluded contracts, in accordance with the Romanian legislation in force. Use, including visiting and purchasing products on the www.funkyfain.com site, implies acceptance of the terms and conditions under which these services and products are provided in full and every time the site is accessed. Please read the Terms and Conditions section carefully to be aware when you complete an order. In order to complete an order, the client must accept the specified Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions of these services may be changed at any time by the seller without the need for prior notice to the customer.

Availability of the Service
To place an order on www.funkyfain.ro, you need to be over 18 years old.

Purchase Guarantee
Each product on this website is accompanied by the following details: - the name of the product
- product photo
- product description
- sizes and colors available
- composition
- price.

The color of the products displayed on the screen may be subject to change depending on the quality of the computer monitor. Therefore, FUNKYFAIN can not guarantee that the colors appearing on the monitor are a true representation of real colors. Special offers, promotions or discounts are valid until the indicated date or until stocks run out.

Purchase Procedure
Select the products you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart by clicking the appropriate icon. Your shopping cart will contain the product name, size, color and price, also the delivery cost. IMPORTANT: all deliveries to Romania are free of charge. For deliveries outside Romania, please go to DELIVERY AND RETURN section. To complete the order, the user's personal data is required and these will be included in our database to process the order and to simplify future orders on the site. Personal data provided by users will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Users can at any time access their personal information and the information about placed orders. FUNKYFAIN reminds users that their personal data must be as accurate as possible to avoid any confusion or errors in sending the ordered products. Moreover, whenever users explicitly request, they receive information about FUNKYFAIN by email. After completing the order, but before sending it, the user will receive a detailed order summary of the order, containing the identification of the ordered products, the total price and delivery details of the order.

Payment Methods
The value of the products will be paid online, by credit card or by bank transfer. Payment methods other than those specified in these sales conditions will not be accepted. In the case of successful online payments, the transaction will appear on your statement with the name funkyfain.ro. For online payments, we use the plationline.ro service.

Sigla PlatiOnlineVISAMasterCard

In case of cancellation of a transaction paid by credit card, in accordance with the current rules, the issuing bank will unblock the amount blocked on the client's account within 1-30 days, according to its policy. In the case of deliveries already made, the appropriate bank transfer fees and commissions will be deducted, the product's value will be reimbursed less the shipping costs and the product will have to match the return conditions shown below in the DELIVERY AND RETURN section. For orders paid with by credit card, the amount will be returned to the same credit card used for trading, within 30 days of accepting the return.
For payment by wire transfer, please contact us for the bank details, by email: hello@funkyfain.ro or phone / WhatsApp: 004 0721.23.22.00.

Availability of Products
If, at the time the order is placed, it is detected that any of the products included in the order are out of stock, FUNKYFAIN will notify the user immediately.


Terms of Delivery
Deliveries of products ordered on www.funkyfain.ro are made by door-to-door courier service from Monday to Friday. Delivery is within 2 - 7 business days, depending on the country where the order is being shipped to. Orders received on Fridays will be shipped next Monday. No orders will be delivered on days declared free from the state or on holidays. According to the Romanian legislation, "The consumer has the right to unilaterally cancel the distance contract, within 10 working days, without penalties and without invoking any reason." The only costs that may fall to the consumer are the direct costs of returning the goods. If he can not execute the contract because the product or service is not available, he must inform the consumer of this unavailability and the sums he has paid as a payment must be reimbursed by the trader within a maximum of 30 days."

Delivery Prices
For Romania, the shipping costs are zero.

For international shipping, the door-to-door delivery is available only for the EU, in selected countries and with the following costs:
Austria: 14 euro, Belgium: 18 euro, Bulgaria: 5 euro, Czech Republic: 18 euro, Germany: 14 euro, Denmark: 18 euro, Estonia: 18 euro, France: 18 euro, Great Britain: 18 euro, Croatia: 18 euro, Hungary: 6 euro, Ireland: 36 euro, Italy: 14 euro, Lithuania: 18 euro, Luxembourg: 18 euro, Latvia: 18 euro, Poland: 18 euro, Portugal: 24 euro, Sweden: 24 euro, Slovenia: 18 euro, Slovakia: 14 euro.

According to Romanian legislation, "The consumer has the right to notify in writing to the trader that he renounces the purchase without penalty and without invoking a reason within 10 working days of receiving the product". In this case, the customer may choose to change the products or repay the amount paid to FUNKYFAIN (eFAIN ONLINE SRL). Also, the customer is required to notify the merchant by phone, within 14 days of receiving the products, of the desire to return / change them. Products can only be returned if they are in perfect condition (label, original packaging, etc.) and show no signs of wear. The refunded amount does not include the shipping costs incurred by the customer. FUNKYFAIN will return the product value within 30 days of receipt of the return directly to the client's bank account.

According to Art. 4, lit. b, Cap. I, from ORDINANCE no.130 / 31 August 2000 regarding the legal regime of distance contracts, "The consumer has the right to notify in writing the trader that he renounces the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 10 working days from receiving product ". The return of the products purchased from FUNKYFAIN.ro is made in the original packaging, within 10 working days from receipt, without penalties and without invoking any reason, at the expense of the customer, using the same transport service with which the shipment was made. FUNKYFAIN may charge additional charges for return of used products, damage, without packaging, etc. for their return to their original state, which may be between 0 and 50% of the purchase value of the product. FUNKYFAIN will return the order value within 30 days from the written termination of the contract. Refunds do not include transport costs.
The terms and conditions are in compliance with the legislation in force, namely Law 365/2002 on electronic commerce and Law 51/2003 for the approval of GO 130/2000 regarding the legal regime of distance contracts.
The products to be exchanged / returned during the warranty period are sent to the seller's point of sale. The shipping costs of sending the defective product will be fully borne by the buyer, with the seller sending at his own expense the product to be received in return after the defect is found and the integrity of the seals. The defective products are dispatched after the seller's prior notice, specifying exactly the defect found. The visible defects are claimed at the time of reception. Visible defect is any defect that can be detected by simply examining the product. Any subsequent complaints about this type of defect will not be considered. Reception is considered to be made on the same day as the product was delivered and / or taken over by the customer or a representative of the customer.
FUNKYFAIN is exempted from the guarantee if it is found that the products in question have been improperly handled or stored, used for purposes other than those for which they were manufactured / sold, have undergone fluid immersion or have entered contact with substances whose use is not required in the maintenance process.
FUNKYFAIN is also exempt from the guarantee if it is found that the customer of the repair made by the purchaser has used / handled the appliance improperly, whether or not the seller has informed the beneficiary of the conditions under which the warranty is provided for repair. Failure to comply with the above conditions results in loss of warranty.

Obligations of the Registered Customer

In order to benefit from the informational content of the newsletter provided by FUNKYFAIN, the client agrees to provide true, accurate, current and complete information, depending on the specifications in the relevant form, and agrees to provide this information in a correct and complete manner. If eFAIN ONLINE SRL believes that this obligation is not complied with, it reserves the right to block access to the site's services without prior notice for a fixed or indefinite period of time.


eFAIN ONLINE SRL, the owner of the online shop www.FUNKYFAIN.ro, complies with the laws on data privacy. eFAIN ONLINE SRL undertakes not to transmit the personal data of the users of the site to third parties and to use them only for the purpose of establishing and maintaining contact with its clients. eFAIN ONLINE SRL may disclose personal data to third parties if required by law or in good faith, if such actions are necessary for: compliance with the law; protect and defend the property rights of eFAIN ONLINE SRL; acting in emergency circumstances to protect the personal safety of employees, users or public persons. eFAIN ONLINE SRL does not sell, rent or change personal data to third parties. Personal data collected from www.funkyfain.ro are used for the following purposes: making online payments, issuing tax invoices as a result of orders completed on www.funkyfain.ro and delivery of products. They may be disclosed without your consent in cases of litigation / disputes concerning payment fraud to the following beneficiaries: banks involved in online payments, international card organisms and service / product providers, respectively according to the provisions of Law 677/2001, to the competent institutions. eFAIN ONLINE SRL takes no responsibility for the loss of information caused by possible security problems of the server that hosts www.funkyfain.ro or the actions of third parties.

FUNKYFAIN collects information and processes them into static data about what pages you access inside the sites, including the IP address from which the site is viewed. FUNKYFAIN may use cookies on the site, thus temporarily storing personal data for the following purposes:
- to improve security
- to improve the use of the site.

FUNKYFAIN may disclose personal data to third parties if required by law or in good faith, if such actions are required to:
- compliance with the law
- protecting and defending the property rights of einuin online SRL, the owner of the online shop FUNKYFAIN
- acting in emergency circumstances to protect the personal safety of employees, users or public figures.

FUNKYFAIN does not sell, rent or change personal data to third parties. Personal data may be disclosed without your consent in case of litigation / payment fraud fraud to the following beneficiaries: banks involved in online payments, international card organisms and service / product providers, respectively according to the provisions of Law 677/2001, to the competent institutions.

Personal Data
eFAIN ONLINE SRL is a personal data carrier registered under number 36882.

The site and all its elements (web graphics, texts, photographs, etc.) are the property of eFAIN ONLINE SRL and are protected by copyright law. The use of the eFAIN ONLINE SRL without any consent of any element contained in this site is punishable under the laws in force.

Limitation of Responsibility
FUNKYFAIN is not responsible for any damages (direct, indirect, incidental or otherwise) resulting from the use or inability to use the information present on the site as well as errors or omissions in content that may lead to any kind of loss. FUNKYFAIN or any of its employees are not responsible for the actions that the user takes and which have negative results or which cause him / her loss of any kind and for the information that the user has used and has led to his / her loss of any kind, for information used by third parties or for sites that link to the FUNKYFAIN site or for any software used on the site that may affect the user's operating system or may cause other errors or viruses.


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company registered under no. J40 / 6316 / 2015, VAT no RO 34559075.
Office address: Pietrele Doamnei 18 - Sector 6, Bucharest, Romania 060318

You can contact us from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00 by email - hello@funkyfain.ro; shop@funkyfain.ro or by phone / WhatsApp - 004 0721 23.22.00 or 004 0728 875.811.
The maximum response time is 2 working days. Average response time: 1 - 2 hours.